Authorities return to scene of Hollywood standoff where suspect killed by officers

Leu Freycinet, 52, was depressed, suffered from PTSD, family says

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Investigators were back at the scene of a house fire in Hollywood Friday, two days after a man was believed to have set it on fire before getting into a standoff with SWAT team members.

Fire investigators and crime scene technicians were among those at the scorched home Friday. 

The incident began with a 3 a.m. phone call Wednesday to Local 10 News by the suspect, who warned that something would happen in the next 15 minutes at his home along North 62nd Avenue.

"I asked him what was going to be on air that he needed reporters and he said, 'Well, there is going to be several squad cars coming out here soon,'" Local 10 assignment desk editor Nina Nahmias said.

Leu Freycinet, 52, claimed he was a veteran and that someone was plotting to assassinate the president.


Newsroom employees alerted police after the initial call, but soon after, a second phone call was made in which Freycinet indicated he had a shotgun on his lap. 

Police were notified again, this time about the possible gun in Freycinet's possession.

According to Hollywood police spokeswoman Miranda Grossman, officers were trying to contact Freycinet when they heard multiple gunshots coming from the home. 

"The subject was firing his weapon both inside and outside the home of the residents, endangering the lives of others," Grossman said.

Police said they saw Freycinet burning a paper bag and setting his house on fire. Police said Freycinet then walked out of his home and confronted officers, who were forced to shoot, killing him.


Freycinet's son, Leu Freycinet Jr., told Local 10 News reporter Andrew Perez that his father was clinically depressed, had been drinking and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"It's not just a crazy person who died," Freycinet Jr. said. "He was a dad. He was somebody's cousin. A lot of people loved him." 

According to the younger Freycinet, his father was lucid and never acted out to this extreme, although he was going to the VA for treatment and had been hospitalized once under the Baker Act.

"Whatever demons or depression he was dealing with were just a lot deeper than even he could control and I think that he wanted out," Freycinet Jr. said. 

Freycinet Jr. said he and his family are frustrated, because they were not contacted during the six-hour standoff, although Leu Freycinet's ex-girlfriend was.

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