Thief ignores Love Life Cafe's motto to 'Eat good karma'

Restauranteur says tip-jar thief ignored message of forgiveness

MIAMI – The Love Life Cafe in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood is known for their delicious fare that reinvents what most people think of vegan cuisine. 

They serve pizzas, burritos and even a burger that was voted as the best veggie burger in America. All of it is cruelty-free, made with a reverence for life and the sustainability of the planet.

Their motto is "Eat good karma," so who would want to steal from here? 

A customer wanted to leave a tip for the staff, but there was no place to leave it, and surveillance video later showed a woman with her hand in the cookie jar. The food delivery driver brazenly stole the tip jar right off the counter on a busy, rainy Labor Day. 

"When we saw it, we were in shock that somebody, actually right there in front of everybody, in the middle of the day, would do something like that to us," said Veronica Menin, the Love Life Cafe's co-owner. 

What would Buddha say? Forgiveness. That’s exactly what Menin tried to do. She had that driver's number, so she called her and sent a text message. 

Menin's message to the suspected thief: "You have a second chance. You can come back and return the money. We will forgive you. I won't give you to the police or anything. You can do the right thing."

The woman has yet to respond. 

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