Firefighters rescue baby accidentally locked in car in Coconut Creek, authorities say

Infant's mother calls authorities for help Friday morning

(Margate-Coconut Creek Fire Department)

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Firefighters rescued a baby Friday morning that had accidentally been locked inside a vehicle, authorities said.

A Margate-Coconut Creek Fire Department spokesperson said crews from Station 94 were notified around 10:30 a.m. that a baby had accidentally been locked inside a car. The vehicle was running and the infant was in no immediate danger, the spokesperson said.

Authorities said crews arrived at the scene to find the baby's mother, who they said was understandably upset.

Upgrade driver and engineer Kellie McCoy used a specially designed lockout kit called The Big Easy to unlock the car, authorities said.

The Margate-Coconut Creek Fire Department added The Big Easy to all fire apparatus in 2015. Before that, authorities said crews would call for a tow company to unlock the vehicle or a window would be broken. 

"With proper training, crews can gain access safely and quickly with minimal to no damage to the vehicle," the spokesperson said in an email. 

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