Pest control technicians find loaded rifle clip, spare bullets inside rodent trap

Police believe ammo hidden there for less than month

WESTON, Fla. – Two pest control technicians were shocked Thursday when they found a loaded rifle clip and spare bullets inside a rodent trap in Weston.

Police said the ammo was oxidized, so it may have been hidden there for days or weeks, but less than a month because they bait the traps monthly.

The pest control technicians with Guaranteed Control made the unusual discovery as they were rebaiting the traps in the San Messina neighborhood. 

The bait traps require a key, but the clip and ammo were likely slipped into the trap through the pest portal. The trap is in a heavily landscaped area next to a fence along State Road 84, but adjacent to a quiet neighborhood.

Police seized the items and are concerned someone, maybe a child, was trying to hide the live ammunition. 

"That's just ridiculous. Somebody is hiding ammunition for whatever purpose. To get it out of their house or hide it for future purposes," Guaranteed Control technician William Black said. "It's a little creepy. Very creepy, especially with what is going on with schools and businesses lately."