2 arrested after being caught with THC-laced gummy bears in Coconut Creek, police say

Driver also given citation for faulty brake light


COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – A man and a woman were arrested Friday after being caught with THC-laced gummy bears, Coconut Creek police announced Monday.

According to an arrest report, Sean Robert Allen, 28, was pulled over in his car at a gas station at 3910 State Road 810 because the Hyundai Sonata's brake lights were not working properly.

Police said the officer who conducted the traffic stop smelled marijuana in the car and said Allen appeared nervous and his hands were shaking.

According to the arrest report, Allen told the officer that he had recently smoked marijuana in the car and said there might be marijuana in the center console.

Police said the officer had Allen's passenger, Olimar Rivas-Gonzalez, 26, get out of the car as well, and asked her whether she had any weapons or anything in her possession that the officer needed to know about.

According to the report, Rivas-Gonzalez admitted to having marijuana edibles in her purse.

After being read his Miranda warning, Allen told the officer the marijuana in the center console was actually wax, but that he had marijuana edibles in a plastic bag in the front passenger-side floorboard, the report stated.

Police said 14 bags of THC-laced gummies were found in the car. 


Gonzalez was arrested on a charge of possession of THC, while Allen was arrested on a charge of possession of THC with the intent to sell. Allen was also given a citation for the faulty brake light.

Coconut Creek police warn parents to educate their children about the THC-laced gummies that look similar to regular gummy bears.

"We encourage parents to talk to their kids, particularly teens and middle schoolers, about their concerns with these THC gummy bears," Coconut Creek police posted on Twitter. "(Statistics) show that when it comes to substances such as THC, if the parent sets out rules and expectations on avoiding them, your teen will listen."

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