Driver caught on video fleeing scene of fender bender in Hollywood

Woman tried to bend her own license plate to obscure tag number

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A woman involved in a fender bender this weekend in Hollywood was caught on video trying obscure her license plate and fleeing the scene of the crash.

Carla Henry said she was rear-ended while driving Sunday evening along Hollywood Boulevard near U.S. Highway 441. The other driver stopped after the minor crash, which damaged Henry's bumper, but the driver refused to share her information with Henry.

"I thought it was totally crazy," Henry, who filmed the encounter using her cellphone, told Local 10 News.

Henry, who is seven months pregnant and had another child in the car, said the driver bent her license plate to obscure the tag number and sped off quickly, leaving her on the side of the road.

She hoped that telling her story will make others think twice before pulling a stunt like this.

"I think it's very inhumane," Henry said. "I had to go to the hospital because of the baby." 

Hollywood police were called to the scene and are investigating the incident.

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