Teen who decapitated mother because 'he felt like it' found not guilty


FRANKLIN CO., N.C. – A teen who decapitated his mother and said he did it because "I felt like it" was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Oliver Mauricio Funez Machado, 19, admitted to killing his mother, Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machado, inside their North Carolina home in March 2017, WTVD reports.

Machado was unemotional when he called 911 to report killing his mother, saying he committed the crime "because I felt like it" and that she had made him "mad."

At the time of the murder, there were two other young children inside the home, but Machado did not hurt either of them.

Machado also claimed to have stabbed his mother about eight times.

Court documents show Machado was taking medication for psychosis and schizophrenia, while his father, Walter Nunez, claimed the boy had left a mental health facility just a week before the murder.

Machado, who was in the country illegally at the time, was deemed not mentally capable to stand trial.