Bomb suspect's van was always conspicuous on South Florida streets

MIAMI – From the moment it was shown on television, people from all over South Florida instantly recognized the white van owned by mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc.

Local 10 aired live video Friday morning of Sayoc's van as it was seized by authorities from an auto parts store parking lot in Plantation.

Immediately, viewers and social media followers inundated the station with pictures from when they had seen the van on South Florida streets.

With decals covering its windows from top to bottom, the van was very hard to keep under the radar.

Many of those who sent in pictures were amazed at the incendiary messages displayed. Those images included gun scopes aimed at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and filmmaker Michael Moore, as well as President Trump standing on top of a tank.

When asked, Trump denied being aware that he was featured so prominently on the van.

“I did not, I did not see my face on the van I don’t know.. I heard he was a person that preferred me over others but I did not see that.”

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A sticker on the van also criticized CNN, calling the network "Fake News."

Before the van was hauled away and taken to FBI headquarters in Miramar, it was covered with a blue tarp.