Miami police horses shocked by live wire at Booker T. Washington High School

Horses given painkillers, IV fluids

MIAMI – Four Miami police officers were riding horses Monday on a street on school grounds when the animals came into contact with a live underground wire, authorities said.

Police said the incident happened in the morning at Booker T. Washington Senior High School.

Authorities said the horses named Striker, Ike, Sonny and Ms. Miami somehow were shocked several times by a live underground wire and he fell to the ground. 

Striker was more severely injured than the others and fell to the ground, authorities said. 

Police said the officer riding 18-year-old Striker dismounted the horse and was not seriously injured.

All four officers were still taken to a hospital, however, to be checked out.

"Four of the officers who were riding these horses suffered some sort of shock, but the ones that took the brunt of it were the horses," Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Fallat said.  

Police said eight mounted patrol officers were doing training at the school in preparation for Halloween when the incident occurred. 

"We use our mounted officers because they have a vantage point when we have big events," Fallat said. 

The horses were checked out by a veterinarian and given painkillers and IV fluids. Police said they suffered some scratches, bumps and bruises, but are expected to be OK and are back at the Miami police stables at Lummus Park. 

"When I first got here, he (Striker) was a little bit agitated, obviously from the trauma," Dr. Hilda Amoros said. "Typically, after these electrocutions, if they survive the episode, they typically do OK. He's obviously with the heart rate elevated and in pain, so we're just going to do supportive care."

The horses will be monitored throughout the day and overnight. 

Crews with Florida Power & Light, meanwhile, said the shock was caused by "customer-owned equipment."

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