Mystery illness forces doctors to amputate legs, arms of 2-year-old boy


INDIANAPOLIS – What started as a fever led to doctors amputating the lower half of a 2-year-old boy's legs and arms.

Jeremiah's parents say he began running a fever in September, just a day after playing at a public park in Indianapolis. When the boy was brought to the hospital, purple bruise-like marks began to cover his body, WTTV reports.

Doctors immediately gave Jeremiah antibiotics and diagnosed the marks as purpura, but remain baffled as to what caused the symptom to occur.

The antibiotics killed the illness, but not before it damaged all of Jeremiah's limbs, forcing the doctors to amputate.

"Yes, this is going to be a very long stressful time in our life, but we have our son, and I’m thankful every day," said Nicholas Thompson, Jeremiah's father.

Jeremiah will remain hospitalized for an indefinite period of time before being able to return home.