Parkland shooting survivors featured in New York Magazine photo essay

Anthony Borges appears on cover showing scars from attack

Anthony Borges was featured in a photo essay by New York Magazine on the survivors of school shootings. (New York Magazine)

PARKLAND, Fla. – A New York Magazine photo essay on the victims of American school shootings features several Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors, baring their scars and telling their stories of recovery.

Anthony Borges, who was one of more than a dozen people wounded in the Parkland shooting, appears on the cover of the latest issue, showing his scarred back to the camera.

A gunman opened fire inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas on Feb. 14, killing 17 people. While most of the media attention has focused on the people who died, many of the wounded survivors endured a grueling recovery process, which still continues until this day.

"Imagine that someone stabbed you with a knife and wouldn't take it out, would just push it in," Borges told the magazine. "I’ve gotten skinnier, and when I stand up, I have trouble breathing. The goal is just to be able to move my entire body normally."

Parkland survivors Samantha Fuentes, Ashley Baez, Isabel Chequer, William Olson, and Alexander Dworet are also featured in the essay by photographer Michael Avedon, which highlights the personal stories of 25 victims of American school shootings dating to 1946.

"Some days, I’ll be really sad. Usually, I’m all right. The friends that weren't there don’t really ask about it. I’m glad they don’t," said Dworet, whose brother, Nicholas, was killed in the shooting in Parkland.