Potbelly pig runs loose on streets of Dania Beach

Farm owner says pig is likely someone's pet

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – A pig caused a lot of chaos Tuesday while running loose on the streets of Dania Beach, and it got itself a first class ride in the back seat of a Broward Sheriff’s Office squad car.

"I was shocked that he was in the back of a police car and he was on the beach," Josh Dykes said. 

Dykes, who owns a farm in Southwest Ranches, said Broward Sheriff's Office deputies contacted him about the pig.  

"The Broward Sheriff's Office called me and asked if I would keep it because they caught it over on the beach," Dykes said.  

Now the search is on to find out where the pig came from.

While spending time with the pig, Local 10 News reporter Alex Finnie learned he was a little shy at first, but -- like most living things -- when you bring out the food, you bring out his personality. And he makes friends easily.

Dykes, who owns a gaggle of farm animals, said because the potbelly is so wonderful around people, he most likely is a pet, which means he most likely has an owner out there looking for him. 

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