Man accused of trying to abduct girl walking to school in Sunrise

Jesus Condom, 26, may be involved in similar incidents, police say

SUNRISE, Fla. – A South Florida man was arrested Wednesday after he tried to abduct a girl in Sunrise, authorities said.

Police said Jesus Condom, 26, may also be connected to a similar incident in Sunrise last week. 

"When he got mad, I was scared he was going to hurt me or try to make me get in his car so I turned around and ran," Abriya McGee said. 

Abriya, who is in seventh grade, helped Sunrise police catch and arrest Condom on Wednesday.

Police said he has been trying to abduct children in the city of Sunrise.

Abriya told Local 10 News that she was walking on the sidewalk on Northwest 44th Street toward her school, Westpine Middle, when a man approached her in his car. 

Abriya got scared and ran back to Nob Hill Road, where there was a crossing guard.

Abriya said Condom's demeanor quickly changed after she refused to tell him how old she is.

"He told me to get the F in the car twice and that is when I turned around and I ran," she said. 

The police were called after the incident, and Condom was taken into custody at Northwest 44th Street and University Drive. 

Sunrise police believe he has done this before. 

Jesus Condom, 26, is accused of trying to abduct children in the city of Sunrise.
Jesus Condom, 26, is accused of trying to abduct children in the city of Sunrise.

Authorities said a man fitting his description tried to abduct three children Nov. 7 as they walked to Village Elementary School in Sunrise. 

His greenish blue Honda Civic was caught on a surveillance camera in that incident. 

Local 10 News reported on the incident and Abriya's father said he almost didn't show her that story because he did not want to frighten her. 

"Talking with my wife we decided, 'You know what? It is better to be aware.' So we brought both my daughters in and we had them watch the clip," Tyheim Mortise said. 

Mortise said watching the video may have saved her life. 

"I am happy for my daughter. She is brave. She did the right thing," he said. 

And now, Abriya may have saved some lives, as well.

"I just don't want anyone else to go through what I went through because it is terrifying and it is, like, the scariest thing ever," she said.