Woman kills ex-boyfriend, cooks and serves his remains after getting dumped


MOROCCO – Let this be a lesson to turn down all homemade dinner invites from recently-ditched friends or colleagues.

A Moroccan woman has been been arrested and accused of killing her longtime boyfriend, cooking his remains and then serving the dish to other people.

The unnamed woman was angry after her boyfriend of seven years told her he would be marrying someone else, according to The National.AE.

After originally denying any involvement, the woman confessed to killing the man after a human tooth was found inside her blender three months after his disappearance. She admitted to using the blender to mince her ex's flesh and then cooking it with machboos, a traditional chicken dish with rice.

Once she prepared the meal, she served the food to workers who lived near her home.

The woman said she had financially provided for her ex-boyfriend before he left her and claims killing him was during a moment of insanity.