Woman spent 3 months in jail for cotton candy


MACON, Ga. – A woman spent 3 months in jail after police found a blue substance in her car that they believed was meth, but was actually cotton candy.

Dasha Fincher has filed a lawsuit against the deputies who arrested her, as well as the board of commissioners in Monroe County (Ga.) where the arrest took place, and the manufacturer of the drug test used during the stop.

The AJC.com reports Fincher was driving with a passenger on New Year's Eve 2016 when the deputies pulled the vehicle over for window tint violations.

While the windows did not violate the law, both Fincher and her passenger had suspended licenses and the deputies searched the vehicle.

A bag filled with a "crystal-like substance" was found inside the car. The arrest report claimed Fincher was "shaking" when she replied the substance was cotton candy.

After the drug testing kit tested the substance positive for methamphetamine, Fincher and the passenger were both arrested. Fincher was charged with trafficking meth and possession of meth and jailed on $1 million bond.

When test later showed the blue substance contained no illegal drugs, Fincher was released from jail over three months after her arrest.

Fincher says she missed the birth of two of her grandsons while being jailed.