Wedding photographer has sex with guest, urinates on tree during reception


PARKER COUNTY, Texas – Pretty much all that brides and grooms expect from a wedding photographer is to take nice pictures for them to remember their special day.

Unfortunately for one couple, they got a wild "upgrade" for free.

A wedding photographer was arrested Saturday after she allegedly had sex with a guest during the ceremony, urinated in public at the reception and then threatened officers as she was taken to jail.

Katherine Leigh Mehta, 26, was charged with public intoxication and obstruction for her actions, according to the Star-Telegram.

The arrest report states guests found Mehta having sex with another wedding guest in a room. When she left the room, she walked to a fountain and began yelling before heading to nearby tree and urinating.

After she was apprehended, Mehta told the arresting deputies, "Y’all families will be dead by Christmas, Y’alls daughters are dead. My dad is going to find out about this, and y’all are (expletive) dead. D-E-A-D.”

A bottle of prescription Alprazolam was found in Mehta's pocket during a search. Police believe she mixed the anxiety medication with alcohol.

Mehta was released Monday on $10,738 bail.