Bah humbug! Florida's Christmas spirit ranks among worst in U.S.


MIAMI – Maybe some of us got lumps of coal in our stocking, or perhaps our hearts are a few sizes too small. Whatever the reason, when it comes to Christmas spirit, Floridians are practically the grinches of the U.S.

A new survey shows Florida ranks 48th in state rankings for Christmas spirit, and worst in the continental U.S.

GetCenturyLink, a provider of high speed internet, phone and TV services, conducted the survey which used a variety of methods to determine how much each state loves Christmas, including searches for holiday movies and gingerbread houses, charitable giving, and Christmas music streaming.

Blame the tropical weather, but Florida was nearly dead last in the rankings with only Alaska and Hawaii falling in behind the Sunshine State.

Of course, Floridians ranked first in the "Sorry you have to dig out of the snow, we're going to the beach" rankings.

States that love Christmas the most:

  • 1. Washington
  • 2. South Dakota
  • 3. Utah
  • 4. Missouri
  • 5. Maine
  • 6. Tennessee
  • 7. Alabama
  • 8. Arkansas
  • 9. Virginia
  • 10. North Carolina
  • 48. FLORIDA