Family raises money to buy ADA-compliant home for South Florida woman

Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker lost unborn child, legs, arms after contracting sepsis

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – A South Florida woman is finding hope after she lost her unborn child, legs and arms after contracting an infection.

"Everything started deteriorating very fast," Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker said. "The nurses responded very quickly and they took me in a room and my breathing was depleting."

Ferguson-Walker was pregnant with her second child last year. What started as a normal pregnancy quickly shifted her life. 

"I had contracted an infection called sepsis. (I) didn't realize what it was at the time," she said. "I was in a coma for two weeks and in that midst of time, there were prayers."

The infection led to Ferguson-Walker losing her unborn child. Then, doctors were forced to amputate both her arms and legs to save her life.  

"The biggest challenge has been finding a way to do things, finding a new way, trying to take care of my child, clean her face, help her with her clothes," Ferguson-Walker said. 

On Tuesday, at Joy's Roti Cafe in Lauderhill, her family launched the Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker Homebuilding Fund in hopes of raising $400,000 to build her an ADA-compliant home.

The home will be equipped with "smart home technology" that will allow her to control most things inside of the home with the simple use of her voice commands, donated by the company, Insteon. 

"She's gone through something devastating to where she almost lost her life and she's smiling," Ferguson-Walker's husband, Ramon Walker, said. 

So far the family has raised $4,000 -- a small dent in their mission to help Ferguson-Walker continue her life doing what she enjoys most, being a wife and mother.

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