Fort Lauderdale man arrested on battery, threat charges after school fight

Darius Sloly records himself mocking police officers


DAVIE, Fla. – A Fort Lauderdale man was arrested and charged with battery and intimidation following an argument with another student on a school campus.

Davie police arrested Darius Sloly, 25, on the campus of McFatter Technical School after the altercation.

Sloly and the other student were involved in a verbal altercation over Sloly missing five dollars on Nov. 29. As the two were walking into the school, surveillance video shows Sloly picking up rocks and throwing them towards the victim.

The victim said he was hit with approximately three of the rocks, but did not want to prosecute at the time because he was afraid Sloly would retaliate against him or his family.

After Sloly left campus, several witnesses claimed he was going to shoot the victim's mother and anyone else who interfered. The students were concerned as they believed Sloly owned a handgun and was known as a "hothead."

When police approached Sloly, he began recording the conversation and said he was being harassed and the officers were racists.

"Y'all are gonna Trayvon Martin me and this is like Mike Brown," Sloly can be heard saying.

Since the victim did not want to bring charges against Sloly at the time, police told him he was free to leave.The victim later made the decision to bring charges.

Sloly was charged with simple battery and intimidation.

Police informed McFatter officials of the Sloly threats and he was officially expelled from the school.


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