Too tough to handle, 'porch pirate' struggles with TV box he stole

FORT WASHINGTON, Md. – Just like people sometimes have eyes bigger than their stomachs at dinner time, one crook took on a package he just couldn't handle.

The porch pirate thought he hit the jackpot when he took a large 65" 4K TV from the front of a Fort Washington (Md.) home. But when the man attempted his escape, the madcap hijinks ensued.

First, the crook trips and falls as he heads to the getaway car, toppling on top of the television. When he finally gets the box to the car... it's too big to fit inside!

Despite several attempts at getting the television inside the trunk of the small car, nothing seems to work. That's when the thief decides to try the back seat... and that becomes an epic fail.

After a few seconds, the guy says "what the heck" and leaves the box protruding halfway out the back, climbs in the passenger seat and drives away.

WRC reports the theft occurred the week after Thanksgiving.