Families of children killed by gun violence push for end to senseless shootings

MIAMI – Families of children killed by gun violence are gathering Tuesday night in Miami to honor their lost loved ones and push for an end to senseless shootings that continue to plague South Florida's communities.  

Some of the children killed in recent years include Nyla Jones, 4, King Carter, 6, and Jakyri Fleurimar, 15.

"When I heard the shots, I ran out (of) the house. I ran everywhere around, asking, 'Where is King?' And me -- I had to find my son in the corner with his eyes open," King's father said shortly after his death. 

King's father and other parents and people who have lost loved ones by gun violence are calling for change.

"I'm seeing parents who have lost a second child," community activist Tangela Sears said. 

Sears, whose young son was also murdered, will lead others who, like her, enter the New Year mourning and seeking justice while hoping to save young lives.

"This is a day when we're remembering our loved ones that we lost to gun violence," Sears said. "But my message today for what's been going on all across this community is we need the state attorney to enforce laws."

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