South Florida man impresses people nationwide while putting a spin on store sales

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Rico El-lis is South Florida's spin doctor. He has been putting his spin on store sales at street corners for the last seven years and anyone that sees his manic moves is impressed.

"I'm looking like, man this dude is sitting here really flipping out with this sign," David English said. 

El-lis became a whirling dervish back in 10th grade when he was just 16.

"I love the art behind it," he said. "I love the physical fitness side of it. It is like getting paid to work out."

Many of his moves are his own creation.

"My favorite trick is the air boogie," El-lis said. "I created it when I was 17 and it is the helicopter toss with like the James Brown splits."

El-lis' unique style and endless energy has made him a spinning celebrity of sorts.

"So far I have been on Tosh.O. I have done some stuff with the NBA and Will.i.am. I have done Steve Harvey," El-lis said. 

El-lis can command a higher salary than other spinners and his clients, like a Metro store in Green Acres, said it's worth it.

"Excellent -- too good! I don't have words for him. He is the best one," store manager Vanita Pandey said.

"I have had times where I have sold out complete stores. Like phone stores have a sale and it's like you get to go home early because we don't have any more phones," El-lis said.  

El-lis said he listens to gospel rap as he spins for inspiration, but to many, he is the inspiration.

"Bro, his moves are like break dancing from the 80s back to the new age parkour and all in one flip. A little bit of Tony Hawk here," English said. 

"I always say I am the light of the corner or I am the light of this block. So that I can just brighten, literally brighten people's day. Brighten people's hearts," El-lis said.