SunPass scam claims customers owe past due tolls


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A new scam targeting SunPass customers has become so widespread, the Florida Department of Transportation was forced to issue a warning.

The scam targets customers by sending them an email from unauthorized third parties and claiming the users owe past due tolls. The notice comes from the SunPassNotice@ezpass-collections.net address.

The emails, which lists the sender as "Sun Pass Collections Inc.," also claim a summons will be issued for a court appearance if customers fail to pay the alleged tolls.

CLICK HERE to read Fla. Dept. of Transportation warning

In the scam email, customers are urged to click on a fake invoice and website not affiliated with SunPass.

According to SunPass officials at Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, customers will never receive toll invoices through email, only via U.S. Mail. Users are urged to log-on to the official SunPass website at www.SunPass.com to get a look at whether they really owe any past due tolls.