Broward County beaches to be re-nourished with fresh, new sand

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Work is about to begin on rebuilding the beach at a Broward County state park, where the cliffing has eroded most of the sand.

Eroded areas of beach are set to be re-nourished with fresh, new sand from hundreds of miles away. 

The Army Corps of Engineers is working to complete the $8 million project.

Right now, sand is being dredged from underwater pumps to the shore, where it will then be sorted and rinsed. 

Sand will then be loaded onto trucks and hauled to Broward County, where it will be dumped on parts of Mizell-Johnson State Park, Dania Beach, Hollywood Beach and Hallandale Beach. 

Officials with the project said there will be some closures and delays as a result. 

"Well I hope it doesn't cause too much traffic, but if it's necessary, it needs to be done," one Broward County resident said.   

Locals said they've seen it one too many times --  a storm comes and rips the sand away. 

"When the storms come in, this place gets flooded. All the sand comes up here and ends up all over here," Hollywood Beach resident Ricardo Cabrera said.  

Project managers are meeting with the public Wednesday night to discuss what this will mean for parts of the beach that are being replenished. 

"Tourism brings money into town," beachgoer Bill O'Connell said. "You make the beaches nicer and people are going to come."