Is it coming or going? Backwards-driving car fools South Florida drivers


MIAMI – No, you're eyes are not deceiving you if you have seen a car driving backwards on South Florida highways.

Is the car coming or going? Is this the future of driving? Has South Florida gone completely nuts? (Don't answer that)

The car is actually a combination of two Honda Civics that were put together. The backwards/forwards vehicle has two transmissions and each side is independent of the other.

Owned by real estate agent Adam Raizin, the car has been raising eyebrows all across the area for a while now.

Raizin says he often drives the car in parades with another driver sitting next to him in the opposite direction. That way they can perform some truly crazy maneuvers and thrill those watching.

But on the highway, when no such shenanigans are taking place, the joke is on the other drivers who worry they're on the wrong side of the road.