Not-so-bright crook breaks into South Florida police station, eats officer's lunch

Yvelande Jean-Pierre eats pre-made meal, leaves asparagus behind, police say

Yvelande Jean-Pierre was arrested after she ate a Boynton Beach police officer's food.

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – Not sure which side of the line a South Florida woman falls on between ridiculously dumb and incredibly brave. 

Not only did Yvelande Jean-Pierre, 29, think it would be wise to break into a Boynton Beach police station, but she topped it off by eating an officer's lunch once she was inside.

And it wasn't difficult to find the culprit as Jean-Pierre left her wallet and Florida ID in front of the station.

Upon entering the substation at 2210 S. Congress Drive on Jan. 3, two officers noticed a broken window in the kitchen area. Further inspection showed the culprit had used two recycling bins to climb up and break the glass to gain entry.

The officers then noticed the suspect had removed two pre-made meals from the station refrigerator and heated one of them in the microwave.

An officer who works out of the substation was contacted and confirmed the meals were his.

According to the police report, the purloined lunch was chicken and asparagus. And no, Jean-Pierre did not eat the vegetables as they were found next the microwave.

Officers found a plastic bag outside the station that contained Jean-Pierre's personal information. She was later located and arrested on a charge of criminal mischief.

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