7 dead, more than 30 injured in Guantanamo bus crash

Tourists from Germany, Argentina among the dead

(Lilibeth Alfonso Martínez)

GUANTANAMO, Cuba – Seven people were killed and 33 were injured after the driver of a bus lost control on a wet and windy road in Cuba, Cuban media reported Friday. 

The crash happened Thursday afternoon at Kilometer 25 along the Guantanamo-Baracoa roadway in the Cuban province of Guantanamo. 

Among the dead are three Cubans, two Argentines, a French and a German passenger. 

Of the 33 injured, two are children. As of Friday morning, five people remained in critical condition. 


A total of 40 passengers were onboard the bus, including 22 foreigners from Holland, England, France, Mexico and Canada. 

According to Radio Guantanamo, the driver of the state-run bus company, Humberto Vladimir Lopez Creme, assured reporters he was not speeding when the single-vehicle crash happened. 

But according to Cuban media reports, witnesses said the driver tried to pass a smaller car but saw a truck coming and tried to get back in the lane, then lost control.

Cuba's national police is investigating the wreck. 

Below is a list of victims killed in the bus crash: 

Alexander Castillo Perez, 32, of Maisi 
Antonio Joler Perez, 47, of Maisi 
Yanet de Los Ángeles Santana Ordunez, 34, of Baracoa 
Roxana Lauseda Gomez, 35, of Argentina
Annegret Frieda Gohike, 59, of Germany 
Patrick Demer Tesseran, 67, of France
Nadis Carolina Flores, 35, of Argentina 

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