Driver caught on camera fleeing after smashing vehicle into parked car

Passenger shown on video grabbing debris left by crash


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A driver was recently caught on camera plowing her vehicle into a parked car in front of a southwest Miami-Dade County seafood restaurant. 

Denise Khan, a server at The Fish House restaurant at Miller Drive and Southwest 100th Avenue, saw the crash and ran outside. 

"That’s when I tried to run out to track the license plate, but everything happened so fast," Khan said.

The driver and her passenger briefly assessed the damage while the owner of the parked car ate inside the restaurant, unaware her car had been hit. 

In the video, the driver and her female passenger linger for a few seconds but as witnesses start to gather the pair drive away. Just before their escape, the passenger picks up several pieces of debris left by the crash.

Miami-Dade County police are currently investigating the incident and searching for the car and those women.

"I never would think two little old ladies would do that but unfortunately it did happen," Khan said.

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