South Florida law enforcement agencies to crack down on Bikes Up, Guns Down riders

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Broward County's new sheriff, Gregory Tony, along with several other law enforcement agencies across the county, issued a stern warning Wednesday that anyone who breaks the law and puts people's lives in danger during the annual and illegal Bikes Up, Guns Down event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day will get caught and arrested.

"This is not a sanctioned event," Tony said. "ATVs or off-road vehicles should not be driven on the roadways of the public. What the riders anticipate to do will create hazards on the roadways and ultimately result in creating car accidents and potential fatalities."

BSO is teaming up with the Florida Highway Patrol, along with a dozen other law enforcement agencies throughout Broward County, to curtail the thousands of ATV and dirt bikes that flood South Florida's major highways and streets in what has become a dangerous tradition on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

"Doing wheelies, driving the wrong way -- besides being illegal, it's extremely dangerous for everyone," FHP Maj. Robert Chandler said. "Someone has died on one of these vehicles. We don't need this. We don't want this to happen."

Authorities said they are prepared for whatever may come and are beefing up patrols via ground and air.

"You will not be able to outrun or outmaneuver our air support. We will know where you go and where you hide," Chandler said.  

Miami-Dade County will also be stepping up police presence Monday to ensure public safety.

"We want everyone to be safe and we want everyone to conduct these vehicles in a legal manner," one officer said. 

In Broward County, the number of law enforcement officers will outnumber the riders. Officers have already been on watch for illegal street activity.

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