Cybersecurity experts report online disruptions in Venezuela

The NetBlocks' Internet Shutdown Observatory sounds alert

MIAMI – A non-governmental organization that monitors cybersecurity reported there were disruptions affecting social media in Venezuela on Wednesday . 

The NetBlocks' Internet Shutdown Observatory founded in 2016 reported this was affecting users on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

A civil society group sas it has detected major internet disruptions in Venezuela affecting YouTube, Google, Android mobile platforms, and other services.

"Social media services are notably disrupted ...  intermittently cut off and the disruptions have increasingly affected other services," the organization's statement said. 

The disruptions were happening as tensions were rising in Venezuela. Whiles tens of thousands of people were marching in Venezuela to demand that Nicolas Maduro step down, the Venezuelan government held rallies and sent out the National Guard to stop the demonstrations. 

After the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, was named interim president, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay expressed their support of Guaido. 

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