Florida woman drops pants, licks man, dances naked in Waffle House parking lot

PENSACOLA, Fla. – A Florida woman was arrested after she undressed and danced around a Waffle House parking lot before licking a stranger on the face.

Freedom Ryder Zobrist, 38, was arrested Monday in Pensacola on lewd and indecent exposure of sexual organs charges, as well as disorderly conduct, battery and assault, WEAR reports.

According to the police report, a Waffle House employee asked Zobrist to leave the restaurant due to her behavior.

Zobrist later returned and verbally abused the employee. She also threatened to get a gun and shoot the man in the face along with all the restaurant's employees and customers.

Following the conversation, Zobrist walked to the parking lot and pulled down her pants, exposing her sexual organs. She then began dancing around in the parking lot.

With her pants still down, Zobrist walked up to the Waffle House employee and licked both sides of his face. A witness says Zobrist also blocked his vehicle inside the parking lot and danced naked in front of his car.