Dispute over online call girl ends in triple murder in Central Florida, deputies say

Grant Amato killed family after stealing $200,000 for porn addiction, report say

Grant Amato, 29, faces charges of first-degree murder.
Grant Amato, 29, faces charges of first-degree murder.

CHULUOTA, Fla. – A Central Florida man killed his parents and his brother after they forced him to leave the family home last week, authorities said. According to the arrest report, 29-year-old Grant Amato became estranged from his family after he stole $200,000 from them over a three-month period and gave the money to an online call girl based in Bulgaria.

Chad Amato, 59, Margaret Ann Amato, 61, and Cody Amato, 31, were found dead in the parents’ Chuluota home Friday, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies said Grant Amato fled the scene, but he was arrested a day later at an Orlando hotel.

Deputies were called to home after Cody Amato's co-workers at an Orlando hospital called authorities when he failed to show up for work Friday.

After Grant Amato stole the money, the family gave him an ultimatum that he had to complete a 60 day internet-and-sex addiction program at a Fort Lauderdale rehab facility if he wanted to remain in the family home. Amato left the facility after 14 days, but the family said he could stay if he followed a list of written rules, which included that he have no contact with the Bulgarian call girl.

Grant Amato told deputies after his arrest that his father confronted him about his continued communications with the call girl Thursday night. Chad Amato told his son to leave the house immediately, the report said. Meanwhile, Cody Amato, who lived in Orlando, traveled to his parents’ home to help them with the situation.

Sometime late Thursday, deputies said Grant Amato shot and killed his parents and brother. According to the arrest report, Cody Amato was found dead lying in the fetal position in the garage, Chad Amato’s body was found slumped over the kitchen island and Margaret Amato found dead sitting at her desk in her downstairs office. All three were shot in the head and deputies described them as “execution-style” killings.

Grant Amato told deputies that he did not kill his family and he left with his belonging before they were killed, the report said. Deputies said Grant Amato looked up news stories about the killings Friday but didn’t return to the home or contact other family members. When pressed about the issue, Grant Amato reportedly told deputies, “I just didn’t want to know.”