Food truck worker exchanges gunfire with robbers, Miami-Dade police say

1 suspect arrested, another detained for questioning

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Two food truck workers were robbed at gunpoint Tuesday morning in northwest Miami-Dade, authorities confirmed.

The robbery was reported at the corner of Northwest 35th Avenue and 65th Street.

Local 10 News reporter Ian Margol was at the scene as police roped off the area around the orange food truck. A black Chevrolet Tahoe was seen just down the street and a handgun was on the grass nearby.

Police said they believe there may have been three people involved in the robbery.  

According to authorities, Miguel Diaz Lozada, 58, and Oria Chirino, 52, who operate the food truck, were working around 10 a.m. when they were robbed at gunpoint.

Police said Diaz Lozada gave the robber money and then grabbed his own gun and fired at the thief.

"The male victim complied with the demands of the robber and provided the money, as well, and at some point in this exchange, he armed himself with a firearm and fired at the subject," Miami-Dade police spokesman Angel Rodriguez said

Witnesses said the robber, who was wounded, ran off and ditched his gun. But they said he was chased down by good Samaritans.

"They cornered him right there -- right as soon as that blue gate starts, and they were able to grab him, literally to hogtie him and bring him back over here while they wait for the police," Nelson Gomez said. 

Authorities said two people in a white car started shooting at the food truck employees during the ordeal, and Diaz Lozada fired back at them, causing them to drive away.

Evidence markers all over the ground show where bullet casings and other pieces of evidence were found.


A short time later, a white Chrysler matching the description of the car involved in the food truck shooting pulled up to Jackson Memorial Hospital with a passenger who needed treatment for a gunshot wound. 

Police said the robber is in custody and the driver of the white car is being questioned by detectives.

The food truck employees were not injured in the shootout. 

They told Local 10 News they have been working at that location for 20 years and have never been robbed before.

"Imagine coming to work and they come to do those things," Chirino said in Spanish.

Diaz Lozada, however, isn't too concerned.

"If they come back, that's their problem," he said in Spanish.  

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