Miami Gardens police investigate after rough arrest caught on camera

Officer shown pressing Taser into man's neck as he lays on ground

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The Miami Gardens Police Department is investigating after a rough arrest over the weekend was caught on camera.

A cellphone video -- laced with profanity -- shows two Miami Gardens police officers arresting an ATV rider Sunday along a dead-end street off Northwest 27th Avenue. The area is next to sand dunes near the Hard Rock Stadium, where riders generally congregate on weekends.

"Get the f--k on the ground," one officer can be heard saying in one of the videos.

In the clip, which has gained traction on social media this week, an officer points a Taser at a prone man's neck. He doesn't appear to be resisting.

A video filmed earlier shows the man revving his engine and popping a wheelie on a motorcycle down the dead end road.

But in the later clip that things get heated. While the initial exchange between police and the man is not shown, the cellphone video starts when the man is already on the ground sitting, appearing to not resist. He has one hand up while an officer pins him down to the ground and points the Taser at his neck.

"I'll f--king shoot your a-- in a minute!" one of the officers says.

The other officer, whose face is out of frame, handcuffs the man. Someone is also heard saying, "Why are you trying to run?" It's unclear if it came from one of the officers.

Police did not identify the man or disclosed what charge or charges he faces.

Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt said she would not comment on the arrest until an internal affairs investigation is complete.

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