Serial flasher targets victims on Thursday nights, Miami-Dade police say

3 incidents reported in southwest Miami-Dade in January

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Miami-Dade police provided an update Wednesday about a serial flasher who has been exposing himself to people in different neighborhoods in southwest Miami-Dade. 

"This is a safe area, so hearing that kind of concerns me a lot," Henessis Gaitan said. 

The concern is only growing in the area where police said a serial creeper is exposing himself to people before running away.

"There's schools nearby and a lot of kids walk through here going back home. That could be not a good sight for young children," Tania Rodriguez said. 

Three cases have been reported this month alone. Two incidents were reported near Southwest 47th Street and 67th Avenue and a third was reported at Southwest 46th Street and 68th Court Circle.
Police said the crimes have only happened on Thursdays.


"The acts are just going to get worse, just like any other crime," Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said. "And this person is only going to get more brazen and, besides only exposing himself, the next step is going to be to reach out and touch someone, and that's what we don't want." 

Uniformed and undercover detectives have saturated the area. But the brazenness of the man is unnerving to women who live in the area.

Police said the man wears a skully cap with only his eyes exposed, so no one manages to get a good look at his face.

"It's kind of frightening because I go to school at night, so I go home at night. I don't want anybody coming up to me. I don't want to feel threatened," Gaitan said. 

Police said the crimes generally happen after nightfall in the evening hours in gated communities, like the Oasis development.

After the man does his deed, he’s seen hopping a fence and disappearing into the night.

Residents at Oasis have been notified with letters warning them to be vigilant, but true comfort won't happen until the pervert is caught.

"I'll be more alert getting in and out of the house, getting into and out of the car and advise my kids and neighbors, as well," Rodriguez said.

Anyone with information about the serial flasher is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

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