Updates on walkout protest to denounce humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

'#TuTambienTienesRazones' social media posts show support for Guaido

The Voluntad Popular political party tweeted this photo of a walk-out demonstration Wednesday in Caracas.

MIAMI – Dozens of protesters in Venezuela have been killed and hundreds have been arrested, but despite the government's threats, Venezuelans were out protesting against Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday. 

Venezuelan politicians who oppose Maduro asked Venezuelans to participate in walkouts and to join social media under the "#TuTambienTienesRazones," Spanish for "You Also Have Reasons." Instead of having a meeting point, the politicians asked protesters to stand on the nearest sidewalk to their jobs and schools from noon to 2 p.m. The demonstration was set to end with the national anthem.

In some areas of Caracas, the walkouts turned into marches with loud demands for "Freedom!" Some were waving Venezuelan flags. Juan Guaido, the U.S-recognized interim president, walked out during the demonstration outside of a university hospital in Caracas. Student activists gave him a white coat with handwritten messages. 



Meanwhile, Maduro was encouraging members of his military and armed civilian militias to defend a socialist Venezuela. He attended a prayer vigil with Evangelic Christians in Caracas early Wednesday morning. 











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