2 women accused of robbing tourists of Rolex watches in Miami Beach

Women targeted victims at nightclubs, police say

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Two women were arrested Wednesday on accusations they robbed at least two tourists of their Rolex watches after meeting them at nightclubs in Miami Beach, authorities said.

The latest incident was reported Tuesday. 

According to an arrest report, the victim told police he met two women, later identified as Rainey Dawn Corral, 23, of Hialeah, and Alyssa Jade Grooms, 24, of Abilene, Texas, at the Rockwell Miami nightclub and invited them back to his hotel room on Collins Avenue.

The victim described Corral as having a red heart tattoo on her right shoulder and a leopard print on her left butt cheek. He said Grooms had long blond braids and a tongue piercing. 

Miami Beach police said the victim claimed he fell asleep and awoke a short time later to find the women gone, along with his iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and his Rolex watch.

Rainey Dawn Corral, 23, (left) and Alyssa Jade Grooms, 24, are accused of stealing Rolex watches from men they met in Miami Beach.
Rainey Dawn Corral, 23, (left) and Alyssa Jade Grooms, 24, are accused of stealing Rolex watches from men they met in Miami Beach.

Authorities confirmed the women were seen on surveillance video entering the hotel with the victim and then leaving on their own.

According to a separate arrest report, Corral and Grooms also robbed a tourist from Germany, who they met early in the morning Jan. 11 at Club Story.

Police said the victim and his friend invited the women to their hotel room at the Mercury Hotel and had sex with the suspects.

Authorities said one of the men was having sex with Grooms when he noticed his black and gold Rolex watch, valued at $14,000, was missing.

Police said the victim and his friend said the women quickly got dressed and left the room.

The tourists confronted the women in the hotel lobby about the missing watch and chased them, but the thieves got away in a Nissan Murano, authorities said.

Police said an officer pulled over the same SUV on Wednesday in the 100 block of Seventh Street and took both women into custody.

Authorities said Corral only confessed to the Jan. 11 incident. Authorities said Grooms denied stealing anything and said Corral must have done it. 

Detectives believe Corral might be a victim of human trafficking, but said she declined assistance from the Police Department's Human Trafficking Unit.

Authorities said Corral was provided with the phone number for a female detective in the unit and was encouraged to call her.

Both women face charges of burglary and grand theft. They appeared in court Thursday, where they were each ordered held in lieu of a $50,000 bond. Both women were also ordered to stay away from the South Beach entertainment district if they post bail. 

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