Cupcake caper: Woman caught on camera swiping tray of free samples

'It's just kind of like really unnecessary and childish,' shop owner says

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – This glutton needs some punishment.

A South Florida woman was caught on camera this weekend running off with an entire tray of free samples from a Southwest Miami-Dade County cupcake shop.

"It's just shameful," said Andrea Bernal who works at Ali's Sweet Treats in the 7000 block of Southwest 117th Avenue.

Bernal said a couple came to the shop on Saturday night and bought some treats, but before leaving with their purchase, the man spotted the free samples and inhaled a cupcake.

"I think he eats it with a paper actually because we had them on little papers," Bernal said.

But the woman takes the sample concept to the next level: She grabbed the plate and ran away with all of the samples.

"Maybe she was hungry? I think she definitely enjoyed the sample. Maybe they're just that good that you just can't help yourself?" Bernal said.

Bernal said she's trying to have a sense of humor about the incident, but she's still annoyed by the couple's greediness.

"We're hurt because, you know, we're a small company so we work really hard and we want everyone to be happy and it's just kind of like really unnecessary and childish to do something like that."

Not one to hold a grudge, Bernal said the couple is welcome to come back to the shop -- as long they return her pink plate.

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