Puerto Rico stands with Guaido, sends plane with aid


SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico's government says 3,600 pounds worth of donated supplies are en route to Venezuela as part of a humanitarian aid mission.

Officials said earlier Thursday that they had sent the supplies to the South American country.

Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin said in an updated statement that a plane carrying the supplies left the U.S. territory on Wednesday but has not yet delivered them.

It is unclear where the plane and supplies are currently located. Rivera said: "(It's) an extremely complex route that is being protected to ensure the safety of those transporting the supplies as well as those receiving them."

Officials have said the humanitarian aid is not part of the $20 million in aid pledged by the United States.

Venezuelan community leader Sonia Cosme told The Associated Press that the supplies including medication to help treat diabetes, blood pressure, asthma and seizures. There also are items for children including diapers, formula, milk, oral serums and protein drinks.