13-year-old commits suicide after constant bullying on school bus


LANSING, Mich. – A 13-year-old student committed suicide last month after he was constantly bullied on the school bus.

Michael Martin had always been a good student, said his mother Joanna Wohlfort. But that changed in the fall when he started in eighth grade at Everett High School in Lansing, Mich.

Wohlfort said Martin rarely went to school unless she was there to make sure he was on his way. However, she said she and her husband went to work early, leaving Michael on his own.

Michael died on Jan. 25, two days after he attempted suicide at home, the Lansing State Journal reports.

Wohlfort says Martin was teased on the bus about his weight and glasses. Despite asking the school district and bus company to investigate, Wohlfort says she was ignored.

In an email to a school counselor on Jan. 8, Wohlfort wrote "I AM ASKING FOR ANY HELP I CAN GET" in a desperate plea for support.

 “I have reached out to the bus garage and the assistant principal trying to get some help for my son." wrote Wohlfort. "He went from going to school to not going at all. He says there is some bullying on the bus.”

Wohlfort sent an earlier email to the school's vice principal after she saw Michael walk into school with his head and shoulders down and a hood covering his face.

"...I have found him home, at least one day a week," wrote Wohlfert. "I do not want him to get into this sort of pattern and want to put a halt to it now, so any help I can get for him would be appreciated."

Wohlfort says the vice principal never responded to her email.