Stray bullet grazes man watching TV inside his home

'I am blessed that I survived,' victim says

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A Miami-Dade County man was struck by a stray bullet Monday as he watched TV with his wife inside his home. 

Jean Cidel laughed about the incident hours later, but what happened to him was no joke. He described how it felt when the bullet grazed the back of his head. 

"It was hot, and it hurt," Cidel said. "I put my hand and I see blood."

Miami-Dade County police went to the 1200 block of Northwest 101st Street around noon after an argument outside Cidel's home led to gunfire. The stray bullet came through the window. His adult daughter and a toddler were also inside. 

"I heard boom, boom, boom. I didn't know what happened.  I laid down. I was trying to hide but at the same time that's when I saw the blood. I got shot and my daughter said, ‘My daddy got shot,'" Cidel said. 

He said he didn't even realize he was hit until he saw the blood drip from his face. The wound was only superficial and paramedics with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue treated him at the scene.

Cidel knows he is lucky to be alive, following his brush with death. 

"I am blessed that I survived," Cidel said.

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