Miami Gardens church to be foreclosed upon unless bank paid in full

Pastor Eric Readon, who's faced multiple accusations against him, owns church


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Local 10 News has learned pastor Eric D. Readon's Miami Gardens church has been foreclosed on and, according to court documents, the church will be auctioned off to the highest bidder online March 6 unless the church pays the bank in full before then.

According to a stipulated final judgment of foreclosure, Herring Bank is owed $1,356,383.05. That amount includes principal, interest and reasonable fees and costs. 

The church is located at 2125 NW 155th St. in Miami Gardens.

Readon signed the judgment on behalf of the church on Jan. 17.

The case was filed in 2011.

Since then, Readon has filed for personal bankruptcy protection several times, and the church has filed at least once.

Readon is suing WPLG TV for $50 million after Local 10 investigator Jeff Weinsier reported on his business dealings and the resulting lawsuits.

Readon is also suing the people who claim they were victims of his business practices and talked to Local 10 News.

Links to those reports are below.





Despite the foreclosure and bankruptcy filings, several videos posted on Facebook show Readon driving expensive cars and posing in a large home in Davie for his business, Worldwind Investment Group LLC.

Those videos were taken down after Local 10 News inquired about them.  

Neither Readon nor his attorney Andrew Kassier have responded to questions sent to them in an email regarding this issue.

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