Woman used obituaries to target survivors' homes for robberies


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A woman preyed on the grieving and targeted their homes for robberies by using obituaries to learn when they would be out of the house.

Jennifer Lynn Azizian was charged with multiple burglaries by the Morgan County (Ala.) Sheriff's officer. Officials say she read local obituaries, then Googled the home addresses of the survivors and broke in when the families were at the cemetery, WSB reports.

Azizian was stopped by deputies on Feb. 20 and positively identified by a homeowner who had called police about a burglary in progress.

During an interrogation, Azizian confessed to the burglaries. The Sheriff's Office previously had video footage of the burglar and the getaway vehicle, but were unable to identify the woman until Azizian was stopped.

“As people were laying their loved ones to rest, little did they know that someone was adding to their grief by breaking into their homes,” said police officials in a statement. “It was clear that the suspect had been researching obituaries for some time.”