At least 2 students detained after brawl in cafeteria at Miami school

No injuries reported

MIAMI – At least two students were detained Friday during a brawl inside the cafeteria at Miami Edison Senior High School.

A Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman said no injuries were reported.

Sky 10 was above the scene shortly before noon as at least two students were in handcuffs.

At least seven police cars were seen parked outside the school at 6161 NW Fifth Court, as well as a Miami Fire Rescue truck.

The school was temporarily placed on lockdown as a result of the fight, and some parents and other relatives of students arrived at the school to pick up their children.


"She just called me and she's like, 'They're fighting. It's like a riot. Everybody's fighting. I'm scared. Come pick me up,'" Angie Bernardez, who picked up her sister from school, said.

Bernardez said her sister is a junior at Edison and said the fights are getting out of hand.

"We grew up in this neighborhood and it's like, we don't feel safe," Bernardez said. "The kids don't feel safe in the school now. She said there's like threats, gun threats and stuff. It's what? Friday? Kids, you know, come to school to learn, but obviously not."

It's unclear how many students were involved and whether the two who were detained will face charges.

School officials confirmed multiple students were taken into custody and brought to the Miami-Dade Public Schools Police Department for further questioning. 

"Kids can look at you wrong and they already want to pick a fight. It doesn't even have to be a main reason. They just want to fight. Who's big and bad, you know?" Bernardez said. 

Students told Local 10 News that there was another fight in the same area on Thursday. 

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