Fellow students come to aid of classmate, buying shoes and clothes


LA VERGNE, Tenn. – Students at a high school in Tennessee banded together to help a classmate in need, and reaffirmed that there is still good in the world.

Azie Robinson, a freshman at LaVergne High School, and his family are going through tough times, but his classmates came to his rescue, just as they said he has done for them in the past.

In the video shared by WZTV, students are seen surprising Robinson with gifts during class. When Azie opened a box to see new shoes, he broke down and cried in a touching and emotional moment. 

Kerolos Girgis gave Azie new shoes that he had paid for himself, while a fellow classmate donated clothes that were once donated to his family during times of trouble.

“It’s not even about shoes or clothes, it’s about the act of giving to people and that act of giving made him happy, it made us happy because he referenced, he’s like our hero.” Girgis told WZTV.

Today, my little sister sent me a video of what they did for one of their classmates, that’s having a hard time. They all got together and bought him some shoes, and also donated clothes to this kid. This video is so emotional & filled with love. You just never know what kids go through, but it’s kids like them, that gives us hope. ❤️ #LaVergneHighSchool #SoSmallButMeantSoMuch #ProudLHSAlumna

Posted by Stephanie V. Myers on Monday, March 4, 2019

Biology teacher Sonji Newman says she preaches love and respect to her students on a daily basis and was happy to see her kids picking up on helping each other.

“We cried, we all cried in the classroom, it was like oh my goodness,” said Newman

The gesture proved to Azie that there is goodness within so many people.

“This world is filled with evil, and it’s filled with so many people who want to hurt each other, but there is a hero in all of us,”