Best internet challenge yet? 'Trashtag' before-and-after photos will leave you inspired

Clean up a troubled spot, post some pics, help make the world a better place


As it turns out, "doing it for the 'Gram" isn't always a bad thing.

Behold: The now-viral "trashtag" challenge.

Here's a post that will explain it.


It's simple, really: You pick a place filled with litter, snap a picture, clean it up and take another photo. Post your before and after shots, and you have yourself a #trashtag. Look at some of these examples we found on Instagram -- which seem to be from all over the world. They're incredible.



The website Simplemost reports that the #trashtag concept isn't exactly new.

Apparently, an outdoor gear company called UCO launched the idea in 2015, according to the site, but it seems as though the effort either never really got off the ground, or perhaps it lost steam quickly. Either way, that's not the point.

Regardless of when it started or who started it, we absolutely love this idea -- and the fact that people are catching on and following suit, continuing to clean up areas and make the world a better place.

Now we'll challenge you: Grab a bag and join in! We would love to see your "after" pictures. Email us if you get out there and we'd be interested in writing about it, as well.

Happy cleaning!

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