Florida among states with most drunk online shoppers


MIAMI – Oh, Florida... maybe it's time to put down the bottle and the mouse.

A new survey says that when it comes to drunk online spending, Floridians rank among the top 10 states in the U.S.

And we're not just buying booze.

The Hustle survey says that drunk shopping is estimated to pull in $48 billion annually for online companies, with $444 spent by each intoxicated shopper.

Floridians spend between $600-700 on purchases while under the influence of alcohol, putting us near the top of the list. That's still behind residents of Kentucky where those in the Bluegrass State spend an average $742 a year.

The survey found that drunk shoppers mostly buy clothes online, followed by movies, games and tech. However, some respondents shared their questionable drunk purchases:

  • World War II bayonet
  • Full-size castle bounce house
  • 200 pounds of bamboo
  • Satanic religious books
  • Vest similar to one worn by Michael J. Fox in "Back to the Future

Despite the odd shopping items, only 6 percent of those in the survey say they regretted their purchases.