Lawsuit filed in 2017 death of tow truck driver who fell from I-95 overpass

Attorneys for widow file wrongful death suit against tractor-trailer driver

Attorneys for Judith Randolph have filed a lawsuit in the 2017 death of her husband, Richard Randolph, who fell from an Interstate 95 overpass.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed after a tow truck driver fell to his death from an Interstate 95 overpass in 2017.

Attorneys for the widow of Richard Randolph filed the suit Monday in Palm Beach County.

Randolph, 69, was trying to help upright a tractor-trailer that overturned on the Congress Avenue overpass in Boca Raton in April 2017 when he accidentally fell from a ledge and landed about 20 feet below on I-95.

According to the complaint, Adrian Figueredo "negligently operated" the tractor-trailer, causing it to overturn and "dangle perilously" over the side of a retaining wall on the overpass connecting Congress Avenue to I-95.

"There have been at least six accidents reported at this location over the years and no action has been taken to make it safer," Judith Randolph said in a statement released by her attorneys, Sean Domnick and Matthew T. Christ. "My husband loved that his work allowed him to help people, but he suffered a terrible price because safety was not made a priority. I hope those responsible vow to own their negligence and take the measures necessary to ensure another life is not lost in vain." 

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages against Figueredo and his employer, JJR Transport & Logistics.