South Florida attorney arrested after officers respond to possible shooting

Joseph Klock Jr., 70, faces charges of resisting officers, obstructing justice

Attorney Joseph Klock Jr., 70, is accused of resisting an officer and obstructing justice.
Attorney Joseph Klock Jr., 70, is accused of resisting an officer and obstructing justice.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A South Florida attorney was arrested Tuesday after Miami-Dade police officers responded to his South Miami-Dade home regarding a possible shooting.

According to an arrest report, officers were searching the home for possible victims or a subject when Joseph Klock Jr., 70, arrived home and told officers that he lived at the rear of the property.

Police said a lieutenant at the scene told Klock that a shooting possibly occurred on his property.

Klock then walked to a room that was locked toward the back of the home and told officers he would open the door for them, authorities said.

Police said officers pointed their guns at the door as Klock knocked on it and called out a person's name.

According to the arrest report, Klock was ordered to open the door for police officers or hand them the key to the room, which he had retrieved from a closet.

Authorities said Klock then became uncooperative, refusing to hand over the key or open the door.

Police said Klock clenched his hand that was holding the key and told officers, "Don’t f***ing touch me," as they took him into custody.

He was ultimately arrested on charges of resisting an officer without violence and obstructing justice. 

Klock told the Miami Herald that he didn't resist officers and that the incident was caused by a lieutenant who was "showing off" to his fellow officers. 

According to the Miami Herald, another man, Antonio Scott, was also arrested on accusations that he threatened a woman with an AK-47 at Klock's home. 

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