Police arrest man accused of smearing blood on walls of village hall

Holdson Marcelin caused thousand of dollars of damage, police say

Marcelin Holdson was arrested in Miami Gardens on Saturday.
Marcelin Holdson was arrested in Miami Gardens on Saturday.

PALMETTO BAY, Fla. – A homeless man was arrested Saturday after police said he broke into Palmetto Bay Village Hall and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, including smearing his blood on the walls.

Holdson Marcelin, 38, faces charges of burglary, criminal mischief and causing property damage.

According to the arrest report, around 11 p.m. Wednesday Marcelin used a garbage can to smash the front entrance of the facility, causing the automatic doors to pop open. Once inside, Marcelin began destroying items in the front lobby, including a large-screen television. He also overturned office equipment and filing cabinets. 

At one point, he cut himself and smeared his blood on the walls, the report said. He damaged an American flag and artwork, which was on display. Police estimated that he caused about $500,000 worth of damage in less than an hour. The hall's surveillance cameras recorded the rampage, police said.

Marcelin fled the facility still dragging the U.S. flag, the report said. The flag was later found burned with Marcelin's blood on it.

Officers were familiar with Marcelin because they have had interactions with him before. Police began searching for him and Miami Gardens police tracked him down Saturday and transferred him to the custody of Palmetto Bay Village police.

During questioning, Marcelin asked officers, "Did you see what I did to the American flag?" 

Marcelin is currently being held at Miami-Dade County's Turner Guildford Knight Correctional Center.